• Safety Relief Valve Open:- DS-O 100:

Design Standards: – Open Bonnet, Conventional Design, Open cap with lever, Designed as per API 526/API 520 & as per ASME Section VIII. Set pressure varies from 0.7 kg/cm2 to 110 Kg./Cm2.
Application: – For steam services.
Valve Size: – 25xGx50, 40xJx80, 80xLx100
Ratings: – BS Table H, Class 150# – 900#.
Orifice Size: – G (20.0mm) to V (181.0mm).
End Connection: – Flanged.
Materials: – Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Steel, Bronze etc..

  • Safety Relief Valve Close :- DS-C 120:

Design: – These are build with close bonnet, close cap. Available with packed lever, bellow seated, soft seated for critical applications.
Application: – Steam Services.
Size: – 25×50 NB – 250x350NB.
Orifice Size: – G (20.0mm) – V (181.0mm).
Flange End: – upto 600#, Stellited Disc & Nozzle.
Material: – Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Steel, Bronze etc..

  • Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valve DS-P 270:

This DEVaaM make Pilot operated safety relief valves operated bubble tight at higher pressure to set pressure ratios. Allowing operators to run very close to the systems allowable maximum pressure, while protecting the system from over pressure. This valve allows maximum product output, increase profitability & reduces fugitive emissions. When valve is inline & operational, Inline services, settings & blow down adjustments are quick & easy. These valves are designed as per Section VIII of ASME boiler & are mainly used in ASME make Boilers, Pressure vessels, for Air, Gas, Vapor & liquids.

Size: – 1’x2” – 8”x10”.
Materials: – Cast Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel etc.. as required.
Minimum Pressure: – 20 Psi.
Maximum Pressure: – 3000 Psi.

  • Small size Safety Relief Valve DT 10:

These small Safety relief valves are most suitable for Pipelines, Pharma reactors, chemicals reactors, Petrochemical plants reactors, pressure vessels etc..

Size: – 15×25 NB, 20×25 NB, 25×40 NB, 40×50 NB and 50×50 NB.
Rating: – ANSI 150# – 1500#.
Orifice: – 7mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm.
End Connections: – Flanged End.
Materials: – Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Steel, Nickel Al. bronze alloy.

  • Thermal Relief Valve: – DT 20:

These Thermal relief valves are used extensively in large pipelines, Small reactors & pressure vessel for Pharma, Chemical, Petrochemical, Salt, Soda ash etc. industries.

Application: – These are used to release pressure which is generated by thermal expansion in Reactors & Pressure vessel.
Size: – 15×25 NB, 20×25 NB, 25×40 NB, 40×50 NB, 50×50 NB.
Ratings: – Suitable for working pressure of upto 200 bar.
Orifice: – 7mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm.
End Connection: – Screwed & Socked Weld.
Materials: – Forged steel, Investment cast stainless steel, Alloy steel etc.

  • Pressure Relief Valve:

Auto Re-circulation on a Refueller to control the pumping pressure of Air Crafts. Solenoid Override or Pneumatic Override to safeguard the system. This can be operated remotely to re-circulate full flow. When installed in Main line, it prevents upstream pressure dropping below preset value. When installed on a By-Pass line, it controls main line pressure by relieving excess pressure in By-Pass/sump. Ideal for pump by pass to protect the downstream equipments. Relief pilot (F22) is normally closed due to spring tension. With increase in upstream pressure above set value, Pilot (F-22) opens which makes Main Valve to open fully.

Models: – DA 422 (Globe), DA 4220 (Angle).
Size: – 25 NB – 750 NB.
Spring Range: – Standard: 20-175 Psig, Optional: 5-35 Psig.
Materials: – Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel etc.

Additional Features: –

  • Surge Anticipating relief valve.
  • Pressure differential sustaining valve.
  • Surge anticipating relief on rise of pressure valve.
  • Pressure Reducing/Surge
  • Pressure sustaining/Solenoid On-Off.